Valentine couples get taste of gourmet, Shakespeare at CCAC

By James Grob,

The white-upturned wondering eyes (and ears) of mortals got the chance to see and hear some live Shakespeare performed Friday night at the Charles City Arts Center, while their wondering lips, tongues and stomachs got the chance to experience some gourmet food.

The Valentine’s Day “Romeo and Juliet” dinner featured the work of local culinary artist Stewart Dalton, who put together an Italian-themed ensemble, while Charles City High School speech director Mike Lembke brought in an ensemble of high school speech students and speech and drama alumni to perform parts of “Romeo and Juliet” and other Shakespeare plays — as well as some romantic poetry.

Charles City Arts Council President Linda Wolff said the dinner raised more than $600. Proceeds went to the Arts Center.

A year ago, the event was called “Play it Again, Sam,” and the dinner was French Moroccan, a nod to the classic movie “Casablanca” — starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. The entertainment centered on the many plot lines in the movie.

This year, those who attended were encouraged to dress in medieval period clothing or Renaissance-themed attire if they wished.

The scene was accentuated by the artwork of Autumn Rozario Hall, the CCAC’s February guest artist.